Cases when you need a Refrigerator Technician?

Cases when you need a Refrigerator Technician?

  • After Switching in active mode you hear a slight hissing noise and after sometimes you realize that your refrigerator is not cooling more.
  • While sweeping the dirt’s inside the fridge you smell awful fragrance and found the oily residue on the floor of freezer compartment
  • During shifting process an accident results in the condenser coils being damage or the compressor stops working more.

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    • After wiping the water on floors near the fridge, you found a continuous leakage of significant amount of water from fridge and get anxious about what to do?
    • During regular operation of refrigerator system you notice the outer shell of refrigerator is sweating.
    • Short circuits happen while fluctuation occurs in power supply and may bother your fridge response.
    • Ice maker stops making ice when your party is on full swing. A complete headache!
    • You found your refrigerator using more energy than earlier, also a point of concern.
    • Drain tube blockage occurs while draining the fridge and produces rotten egg like smell.